Whenever disharmony overwhelms the world and when righteousness declines, God incarnates in human form from age to age to destruct the evil doer and to protect the virtuous. History proves that when there is a moral imbalance, reversal of human values and spiritual vacuity in the society, either saints with a mission of religious reformation, or great men or poets with a mission of moral and social reformation will appear as shining stars. Each of them taught the world certain great principles and specific ways for achieving mental peace. This affirmation of the truth that the Divine Force ruling over the universe will always work to set things right by correcting the ways of men from time to time is not only very comforting but a true phenomenon in the history of mankind.

~ know yourself and serve others, Lord will live in your heart always, Uphold truth and avoid sorrows to and attain your sayujya, Your sins and sorrows be cleansed through Nama Sankeertan, You will get a wealth from me that nothing else can match in this material world,Oh my children, then you will relish in Me and that is your sayujya ~

Anandaji Gurudevan

Guruprasad Gurudevan

Sadanandasidha Gurudevan